Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact us with any special requests and we will get back to you with a quote!

Please note that all pricing may not be final and may be subject to change depending on level of detail of each individual project. We will tailor each project to fit your specific needs!

Note that all pricing is in $ USD and is subject to transactional fees.



Static Emotes $35 Each

Animated Emotes $45 Each

Orders of 5+ receive 10% discount, Additional discounts for orders of 15+ emotes, please inquire for details.

Badges (Twitch, Discord, etc.) $15-$40 Each

Orders of 5+ receive 10% discount, Additional discounts for orders of 15+ emotes/badges, please inquire for details.



Logo Design - Starting Price $245

Typeface Logo - $125 Minimum

Logo Branding Style Guide Add On - $165

Logo Update to Existing Design - $135

Logo Design - Additional 3D Element Upgrades $20-100

Corporate/Organizational Branding Logos Starting $350 - Please inquire for details


Mascot Logo Design - $200-300


Social Media Banners/Offline Assets Starting - $75

Social Banner Bundle x2 - $135, x3 - $195

Misc. Sized Banners/Assets From $50-250

Hand Illustrated Social Media Banners Starting $225

Additional 3D Design Element Upgrades $20-100. Please inquire for a more detailed quote.


Starting at $20ea.


Hand Illustrated Scenes Starting - $450

Hand Illustrated Animated Scenes Starting - $500-750

Please inquire for a more detailed quote for character and mascot animation. Standard Size 16:9. Custom size available upon request.


Chest Up Illustrations Starting - $135

Waist Up Illustrations Starting - $165

Full Body Illustrations Starting - $185 Weapons, Props, Added Details +$25 Each

Please inquire for a more detailed quote for detailed backgrounds and multi-character scenes



Static Overlays $60

Animated Overlays Starting $75-100


Static Overlays $40

Animated Overlays $60

Additional 3D Element Upgrades $20-100


Starting, Ending, Be Right Back, Intermission, etc.

Static Scenes - $200 each

Animated Scenes - $250 each

3D Modeled Animated Scenes - $400-650 each

Additional 3D Element Upgrades $20-100

Please See Hand Illustrated Scenes for Hand Illustrated Pricing

Prices will vary depending on level of detail. Please inquire for more info.


Animated Standard Alerts - $35 Each

Animated "Bomb" Alerts Starting - $75

(For unique action items such as x5 gift subs)

Animated Full Screen "Bomb" Alerts Starting - $115

Standard Animated Alert Bundle - $300 for x7 Alerts WITH SFX


Additional 3D Element Upgrades $20-100


Starting - $65-100 each


Animated Stinger Transition Starting - $75

Animated Track Matte Transition - $75

Additional 3D Element Upgrades $20-100


Going Live Animation (GIF) Starting - $75

Additional 3D Element Upgrades $20-100



YouTube Intro Starting (4-8 seconds) - $125

YouTube Outro/Landing Page (10-20 seconds) - $75

YouTube Custom Lower 3rds/Call to Actions - $30-45 each

Additional 3D Element Upgrades $20-100


Twitch/YouTube Channel Trailers Starting - $165 Channel trailers include custom GFX animations to showcase channel highlights. Please inquire for a more detailed quote.


Note that standard packages do not include Hand Illustrated Scenes or Elements, but Hand Illustrated assets may be added upon request. Adding Hand Illustrated items may require additional charges.


Inquire for an accurate quote, may range from $995-$2995+

Build your own package! Pick and choose what items you want included and we'll create a package specific to you! Build Your Own Package may include:

Logo, Mascot, Character Design, Merchandise,

Social Media Assets, Twitch Panels, Badges,

Emotes, Animated Emotes

Live Stream Scenes, Hand Illustrated Scenes, Overlays, Alerts,

YouTube Assets, and more!

Deluxe Logo Package - $595

Total Savings $105

Logo OR Mascot Design

Logo Variation, Detailed

Branding Style Guide

Social Media Banners or Web Layouts x3


$135 Total Savings

Logo Design OR Mascot, Offline Banner, Twitch Panels Minimal x5, Badges x5,

Animated Scenes x2,

Animated Webcam Overlay,

Stinger Transition,

Standard Stream Alerts x7 + SFX


$155 Total Savings

Logo OR Mascot Design, Social Banners x2 + Offline Banner, Twitch Panels Detailed x6, Badges x5

Animated Scenes x3

Animated Webcam Overlay, Animated Flexible Overlay

Stinger Transition OR Track Matte Transition

Standard Stream Alerts x7 + SFX


$335 Total Savings

Deluxe Logo OR Mascot Design, Social Banners x3 + Offline Banner, Twitch Panels Detailed x6, Badges x10

Animated Scenes x3

Animated Flexible Overlay, Animated Webcam Overlay

Stinger Transition AND Track Matte Transition

Stream Alerts x7 + "Bomb" Alert x1 + SFX


$445 Total Savings

Deluxe Logo OR Mascot Design, Social Banners x3 + Offline Banner, Twitch Panels Detailed x10, Badges x10

Animated Scenes x4

Animated Flexible Overlay, Webcam Overlay x2,

Stinger Transition AND Track Matte Transition

Stream Alerts x7 + "Bomb" Alert x2 + Alert SFX

Going Live Animated GIF

YouTube Intro. YouTube Outro, YouTube Lower 3rds x3

Static Emotes x10


$25 Total Savings

Must Provide Pre-Existing Logo.

YouTube Intro

YouTube Outro

YouTube Lower 3rds x3


$100 Total Savings

Logo OR Mascot Design

Social Media Asset

YouTube Intro

YouTube Outro

YouTube Lower 3rds x4



Start date for new projects is currently early 2024

Let's work together! Please fill out the inquiry form below to give us some more information about you and your project. Please provide as many details as possible so we can better understand your end goals.

Once you have submitted your form, expect a response from us Via EMAIL or DISCORD within 2-3 business days (excluding Sundays).

Please review both our Pricing Page and our Terms and Conditions thoroughly before submitting an inquiry.

  • By checking this box you are agreeing to the terms and conditions



During our time as Dizzy Designs, we've worked with hundreds of individuals, creators, and businesses. Here's what our clients are saying!

LeveledAF - iLeveled ★★★★★

"The most amazing design experience to date!"

BonaFideHiro ★★★★★

"Getting to work with the Dizzy Team has been one of the biggest highlights of my entire Content Creator and Streaming Career. They have gone above and beyond every single time we have worked together and I am constantly and consistently blown away every single time.

I get extremely excited as soon as I place an order, because I know the quality of service I have in store for me, and I am always looking forward to the next time we get to work together.

Whether you’re just starting out on your creator or streaming journey, or you’re already a pro at the craft, the Dizzy’s are your go to for any SFX or GFC needs! You’ll love them as much as I do."

TalkQwertyToMe ★★★★★

"Dizzy Designs were absolutely amazing to work with. They were always super accommodating to any requests I had and were super supportive of my ideas and the vision I had for my channel. They had so many amazing ideas and were so flexible. Thank you for putting up with my indecisiveness! I can't wait to work with you both again in the future."

iLeoChain ★★★★★

"I have no artistic talent nor vision of what I wanted, and with a short brief series of questions The Dizzy Team was able to make my branding what I would call "Perfect" Professional, Quick Responses and overall amazing. I will be most definitely a returning customer!"

TheDailyDad ★★★★★

"Imagine, if you will, sitting on a beach with a nice warm breeze that feels comforting and you have not a care in the world. There you sit with your whole life in front of you and you know, without a shadow of a doubt, life a all good. But wait, it gets better because that sunrise begins to peak out and a smile forms on your face. Its like that :)"

Wallzer ★★★★★

"My time working with Dizzy Designs was fantastic, they were incredible to work with from the get go. Can't say enough good things about them!."

Kaittlingaming ★★★★★

"Working with the Dizzy’s was a wonderful experience, start to finish.

They were professional and extremely friendly. They planned a discord meeting for us where we were able to discuss the vision for my project. They were helpful and offered suggestions to make my vision become a reality.

Their process is amazing, from discussing the original thoughts, presenting options and drafts while taking input along the way to achieve the goal. I went in with a vague idea of what I wanted and with the Dizzy’s assistance and direction they were able to create an amazing brand for my channel.

While their artistry and skill is obviously stunning, they also maintain an open and honest line of communication, from the expected timeline of the project, to thoughts, opinions and suggestions. As a professional duo they are truly some of the most wonderful people to work with.

I truly believe these two are some of the best in the business. I will continue to go through them for all my future needs and HIGHLY recommend them as amazing artists who will work hard for you and help you create your vision!"

BoxyzzZ ★★★★★

"My experience working with the Dizzy's was absolutely amazing! The communication was literally on point. I felt so free to just explore ideas and really enjoyed the added brainstorming they offered in return. I cannot recommend the Dizzy's enough!"

RogueLyeshal ★★★★★

"The Dizzys are so easy to work with! With only just minimal guidance, they get what you're looking for and do it better than you could have imagined. And if it's not quite right, they're very open to feedback to make it what you want."

GGLeafOnTheWind ★★★★★

"It was amazing! They are so nice and we had tons of laughs while we figured ideas out. Their work is top notch and their prices very reasonable! I’ll never get work from anyone else. Plus, we have dog twins so that’s a plus!"

KaiGiuu ★★★★★

"Amazing! They put so much passion into they're projects and the work is stunning and beautiful! The communication is amazing. Any future projects will also be with them!"

Concenaros ★★★★★

"Absolutely chill. I came to Dizzy Designs with an ask for revamping and cleaning up the branding on my channel and did so very cautiously, as previous to talking to Dizzy, I had JUST wrapped up a super negative experience with another 'trusted' Designer who shafted me for work and took my money without finishing the job I had requested.

Every step along the way with Dizzy was easy. The communication was on point and it was really easy to talk about any little detail I wanted potentially changed or improved. I never had to worry about whether or not my request was going to be finished because I was sent constant updates on the work and was able to provide input at each stage of the creation of assets. * ...and the quality of Dizzy's work is just... chef's kiss. Absolutely beautiful. I've never had channel graphics that look and feel exactly like me, before.*

*If you ever need Design work done for your Stream, Podcast, Website, Blog, Youtube, etc, get your work done with Dizzy Designs. *

You'll thank me later."

Pinkfantasy_ ★★★★★

"Great user experience. Our first meeting was easy and very informative. I told them what I needed and wanted and they gave me exactly that. Highly recommend, they were great to work with!"

The Dojo Brand ★★★★★

"Working with Dizzy Designs was a great experience and made the process of rebranding worry-free. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and willingness to work on what we were looking for was top tier. Where some might struggle to conceptualize an idea, the Dizzy's completely captured the vibe of our community and went well beyond our expectations while breathing life into our ideas."


Your Neighborhood Mom & Pop Design Shop

Let us showcase your brand to the fullest.

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Though we have experience in all forms of multimedia, we specialize in hand drawn illustrations, motion graphics, and web based branding. Whether it's building your visual brand from the ground up, designing digital assets, or expressing yourself through emotes, we have you covered!

During our time as Dizzy Designs, we've worked with hundreds of individuals, creators, and businesses. Get in touch to start your project!


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Terms and Conditions

Dizzy Designs Terms and conditions


All digital content is protected under the Creative Commons (CC) licenses and is owned by us (Dizzy Designs) and our Clients.

1. Any project that is purchased is granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use said digital content subject to the following:

  • a) For an Individual Consumer the right to the digital content is for personal use only.

  • b) For a Business the right to the digital content is solely in connection with business activities.

  • c) If you are a Business or Organization these terms constitute the entirety of the agreement between us and your Business/Organization’s Purchase. By acceptance of these terms you agree and acknowledge that you have not relied on any outside statement, conditions, promises, agreements (via verbal or written), or warranties made or given on behalf of us which is not explicitly set out in these Terms and Conditions.

2. The Client does not have the right to resell, transfer, distribute, or copy any of the digital content associated with their order. It is not permitted to reverse engineer the digital content included with any order under any circumstances. - a) All projects that are centered around merchandise, digital or print, must be discussed prior to project finalization. - b) Intents to use designs as merchandise must be communicated by the client before sale of products. Failure to comply with these terms or communicate intent may result in Legal Action.

3. We reserve the right to display and link to the Client’s project/s as part of Our or Our Contractor’s portfolios and social media. We understand that some projects may require they remain private for a certain period of time before the public may view them. We will always respect and honor these timeframes in accordance with the Client’s guidelines.

Order/Project Acceptance and Adjustments

1. We will inform the Client in writing that the order/project is accepted at which point a contract will come into existence between Dizzy Designs and the Client.

2. If we are unable to accept the Client’s order/project we will inform the Client in writing and we will not charge you for the desired services. This may be because of unexpected limits or capacity limits on our resources, we have identified an error in the pricing or description of the services, or we are unable to meet a delivery deadline that has been requested

3. If changes are made to the order during the course of the project all adjustments and additional assets will be added to the final invoice which will be adjusted accordingly.


All Payments must be agreed upon by both parties before transfer of funds. No services will be provided if any Payments are made without an accompanying invoice or agreement.

1. All Payments are final.

2. All Payments are subject to Taxes and Fees in accordance with our State and Federal Guidelines. All Taxes and Fees are non-refundable.

3. Any orders under $100 must be paid in full upfront.

4. Any orders over $100 require a 50% non-refundable Deposit upfront. As the services we provide are custom made or bespoke, deposits paid are non-refundable as we will incur certain costs and expenses when accepting an order. The remaining 50% of the project total is due upon delivery of the final project revision. Once the project total is paid in full, the project's final assets will be available for access, download, or use by the Client. The Client may not use assets in any capacity unless the project has been paid for in full.

  • a) A client may elect to pay the project total in full at inception of the project. If this Payment option is selected, the client - accepts that if the project is canceled by the result of the client or the client’s actions that no refund will be given. The Client waives all rights to any refund or damages if these terms and conditions are not met in full.

  • b) If the project is canceled by the result of Dizzy Designs or our error, a portion of the payment may be refunded. The timing and amount of refund will be solely determined by Dizzy Designs.

  • c) Once Final Assets are completed and the Client has been notified in writing and given Final Demos, Final Payment will be expected to be paid within 5 business days unless otherwise communicated.

5. As of July 2023, all Payments may be made via PayPal, or via our Quickbooks Online Invoicing portal. Failure to pay via these methods may result in a cancellation of the project. All Payments made via these platforms are subject to non-refundable Taxes and Fees (see Payments #2).

6. Any Rush Order Fees required for a project must be paid in full at inception along with any required non-refundable Deposits (i.e. 50% Upfront Deposit + Rush Fees = Required Amount to begin a Rush Order).

7. The Rush Order Fee amount will be determined by availability of resources, desired delivery deadline, and number of assets that are to be included in the project. This amount may range between 10% to 50% of the project subtotal.


All client communication must be timely, either verbal or written. If a client fails to communicate in an effective and timely manner, Dizzy Designs reserves the right to cancel the project without refund. This includes failing to provide adequate materials or references needed to complete the project, failing to communicate or provide timely feedback at key updates on the project (including drafts, revisions, and questionnaires), or failure to communicate in a professional manner.

Definition of Timely Manner. We define Timely Manner as within 2 (two) weeks or 14 (fourteen) Calendar Days of our written communication. Failure to communicate within that aforementioned timeframe without adequate written notice will result in the cancellation of the project without refund. The Client accepts full responsibility and waives rights to refunds or damages if this definition is not met.

We acknowledge that various circumstances, family matters, and business matters may impact communication. As long as the Client communicates their absence with us in advance we will honor a longer time frame of no communication.

We (Dizzy Designs) will do everything within our power to communicate in a professional and appropriate manner, we ask our clients to act accordingly.

Preferred methods of communications in order of preference are; Discord Message/Server, Social Media Direct Messages, Phone, and Email.

Drafts and Revisions

All clients are entitled to Drafts and Revisions. We will provide a number of rounds of drafts for all projects and project types in accordance with their order. Clients are responsible for providing written or verbal feedback within a Timely Manner so we can provide top quality final assets.

1. Dizzy Designs maintains exclusive rights of all Drafts created in the process of every project. Drafts are not permitted to be shared outside of project communications without Our explicit permission. Failure to comply may result in Legal Action.

2. Drafts and Revisions are included in all projects and are free in most cases but may be subject to additional charges if drafting and revisions become excessive. The determination of excessive revisions will be solely determined by Dizzy Designs. Excessive Revision Fees will be charged on a Per-project Basis.

3. Any Final Revisions that result in Our error will be fixed to the best of our ability and free of charge.

Waitlist, Queue, and Rush Orders

All clients may be subject to Our Waitlist or Queue. Wait times will vary depending on demand, our available resources, project length, and project type. Where clients are placed in the Waitlist or Queue will be solely determined by Dizzy Designs with no exceptions.

Rush Orders will be placed at the top of the Waitlist/Queue based on our availability of time and resources. Rush Order completion time will vary per order and will be discussed and determined by both parties (Client and Dizzy Designs).

File Management

All Final Assets will be held and maintained in a Dizzy Designs Shared Google Drive for a minimum of 6 months before files are Archived.

Dizzy Designs holds full rights to all Source Files for all projects. Clients may purchase Source Files for up to 100% of the Project Total and must be discussed prior to inception of the project. Dizzy Designs may use whatever program, software, tools, or resources required to complete projects professionally and efficiently.

Hardware and Optimization Disclaimer

Graphic assets both static and animated may decrease PC, Hardware, or Website performance. By purchasing Dizzy Design graphical assets you accept all risk and liability that use of assets may potentially impact speed, Hardware, or Website performance.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Upon receipt of an initial submission of our website's Inquiry/Contact Form, written communication of order/project acceptance, or transfer of funds for order/project payment the client accepts all Terms and Conditions without exception.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contact us at:


Click here to download a copy of these Terms and Conditions.



Please check back in from time to time as this list will be updated regularly.

Q1 - What days is Dizzy Designs available for?

A - Typically we are available via Email and Discord Monday-Saturday during working hours of 9AM-6PM EST. We are usually not available on Sundays.

Q2 - Can I reach out directly? How can I reach out directly?

A - Yes you may! If you would like to reach out directly, you may email us at Please keep in mind that in order to OFFICIALLY join the waitlist, we will need you to fill out our Contact form for our records.

Additionally, we try to respond as quickly as possible to Twitter DM's.

Q3 - What platforms and software can I use for my Dizzy Design Live Streaming Assets?

A - Final Assets can be used for all major platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming. All live stream assets are compatible with StreamElements, Streamlabs, OBS Studio, and others.

Q4 - What file types will be provided at the end of my project?

A - We provide the following assets: Static Assets - PNG or JPEG's, Vector Files - Adobe ai, Animated Assets (Standard) - MP4, GIFs, Animated Assets (transparent) - WEBM, MOV, and AVI upon request

Q5 - What payment methods can I use for my project?

A - We currently accept PayPal, Vemno, and Zelle. In the near future we will be accepting all major credit cards as well. Stay Tuned! Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Q6 - What are the payment policies for my project?

A - We require 50% of the total payment as a non-refundable deposit at inception of the project, and the remaining 50% of the project total is due upon completion. Additionally, please note that all projects with a total under $100.00 USD must be paid in full. You may also elect to pay 100% of the project total up front, if that payment option is chosen, it is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Please refer Payments Section in our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Q7 - What are the refund policies?

A - Unfortunately due to the nature of our design work we have a no-refund policy. However, if final deliverables are faulty, we are unable to complete a project due to creative difficulties on our part, or we incorrectly invoice the wrong amount, we will do everything we can to resolve the issue. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Q8 - Can I ask for custom animations for a project?

A - Yes, if an asset you are looking for is not listed on our pricing page you may request a specific asset to be made to fit your needs. Please reach out and let us know!

Q9 - Can I alter Packages to be specific to me?

A - Yes, we want to tailor each project to you! So if we need to alter items that are included in one of our packages, we are happy to do so!

Q10 - What is a kickoff call?

A - We like to start each branding project with a 30 min - 1 hour kickoff call to better understand you as a creator. This helps streamline the creative process!

Q11 - Does my project NEED a kickoff call?

A - Not every project needs a kickoff call. Typically more minimal projects like Emotes, individual Overlays, or Single Character Illustrations do not require a kickoff call. Discord Messages/Emails are more than appropriate to get things started.

Keep in mind, you may request a call to better discuss ideas for your project! Just reach out and let us know, we'll be happy to schedule a 30 min block!

Q12 - Can I use my Dizzy Designs Assets for Merchandise?

A - Yes, however, intent to use graphic assets for merchandising purposes must be communicated before the project is finalized. Merchandising rights and additional optimized files may be subject to additional fees. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Q13 - How can I access my Dizzy Designs Assets?

A - We store all drafts, paperwork, and final assets in a shared Google Drive, you will be able to download all assets as many times as needed. All assets will be kept for a MUNIMUM of 6 Months. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.



We're Rachel and David, also known as Mrs_Dizzy and dizzydlo. We're the owners and designers at Dizzy Designs. Between the two of us we have over 10 years of digital design experience, and over 3 years experience in live stream broadcasting and content creation. We are strong advocates of coloring outside the lines. We create illustrations and motion graphics for individuals, creators, and businesses so you can showcase your brand to the fullest.

Rachel "Mrs_Dizzy"

Illustrator & Lead Designer

Rachel is a professional artist with a background in art education, fine art, and digital design. She has over 10 years of experience in painting, photography, and graphic design. She has spent the last 3 years making Live Stream Designs for Content Creators and small businesses. She specializes in character design and illustrations and hopes to pair this with her many years of experience in her fields to make your creative dreams a reality!


David "dizzydlo"

Motion Graphic Designer + Branding Consultant

David is a content creator, graphic designer, and video editor with over 3 years experience in live stream design and motion graphics. He has worked in branding and business consulting since 2018 where he worked with some of the largest tech and entertainment companies in the US. David specializes in 2D motion graphics and utilizes 3D elements in his live stream cinematic designs to help your live streams come to life!



Discord: dizzydlo

Jon "Purkinje"

Coding + Software Developer

Jon is a content creator with a who has been writing software since 2001. Throughout his career he has worked on a variety of software but has recently focused on web development and content creation tools. Purkinje will be bringing his expertise to the team to help make your live streams as streamlined and professional as possible!




Robbie "ChromaRaven"

SFX Designer + Consultant

Robbie is a content creator with a Bachelors of Science in Audio Production and has been in the audio industry for almost 10 years. His professional journey and passion for online broadcasting collide here, designing tailored sound effects for your new graphics!